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10 Must-Have Items for Your Airbnb Bedroom

We all know that a good night's sleep is the key to happy guests. So, it's time to discover how to transform your Airbnb bedroom into a welcoming, cozy haven. Get ready to learn how you can turn your Airbnb bedroom into a welcoming oasis. We'll cover everything from comfortable mattresses to those little bedside essentials. Not only that, but we'll also suggest some of our personal favorite products to kick-start your journey in crafting the perfect Airbnb bedroom retreat. So, let's dive in and create a space your guests will love!

  1. The Mattress: Let's start with the foundation of a great Airbnb bedroom—the mattress. Choose a mattress that offers both comfort and support. When it comes to mattresses, we have a couple of absolute favorites: memory foam mattresses that are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep in a box. They're a breeze for hosts to set up, especially if you have a platform bedframe, as you won't need a boxspring. We've personally tried and loved two different memory foam mattresses available on Amazon: the Signature Design by Ashley Chime Memory Foam Mattress and more recently the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. Both options are absolutely fantastic. For our Airbnb bedrooms, we opt for the 10-inch size. Trust us, your guests will thank you for the amazing sleep experience!

  2. Pillows Galore: When it comes to pillows, more is definitely best! Create a pillow paradise that will make your guests feel like royalty. From fluffy feather pillows to supportive memory foam wonders, offer a variety of pillows to cater to different sleep preferences. Let them choose their fluffy sidekick for the night! Our recommendation, Beckham Hotel Collection Cooling Gel Pillow.

  3. Luxurious Linens: Next up, it's time to drape your bed in luxurious linens. Opt for high thread count sheets that make slipping into bed feel like sliding into a bathtub filled with silk. Crisp, clean, and white, these linens will make guests wish they stayed another night. We use HC Collection Platinum 1800 Series in white. So far these sheets have withstood the test of time. They are durable enough to withstand bleaching and washing multiple times a week for over a year and still appear brand new.

  4. Snuggle-Worthy Blankets: Nothing say cozy better than a snuggly blanket on a chilly night! From throw blankets to use while watching Netflix on the couch to plush blankets for a splash of color on the bed, provide them both and your guests will thank you. Not sure which one to choose? The Bedsure Fleece Blanket is soft, plush, and extremely durable. With no pilling or breakdown after multiple times through the washing machine, it's my top pick for my Airbnb's.

  5. Blackout Curtains: Help your guests sleep in even on bright mornings with the magic of blackout curtains. These light-blocking wonders are the superheroes of sleep, shielding your guests from the early morning sun or helping your traveling professionals get the rest they need while working nights.

  6. Bedside Essentials: Now, let's turn our attention to the bedside. Equip your Airbnb bedroom with must-have bedside essentials including a lamp, an alarm clock, and a phone charger. This alarm clock doubles as a phone charger allowing you to maintain a clutter-free night table!

  7. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: It's an essential addition that helps your guests put their best face forward and adds that extra touch of functionality and style. Consider offering a full-length mirror, allowing your guests to take a step back and admire their entire outfit before heading out for the day. Alternatively, a mirror over the dresser offers an alternative, convenient spot for guests to use if needed.

  8. Cozy Seating Nook: If your bedroom has the space, consider creating a cozy seating nook for your guests to relax and unwind. A plush armchair, a small side table or desk with a lamp, and a stack of books or magazines will create a cozy corner for your guests to escape.

  9. Artistic Touches: Sprinkle a little artistic magic around your bedroom. Hang captivating artwork that adds personality and visual appeal. Whether it's a vibrant canvas, a whimsical print, or a serene photograph, let your walls tell a story and create a visually stimulating environment.

  10. Thoughtful Extras: Finally, go the extra mile with thoughtful extras that will make your guests feel extra special. Place a tray with a carafe of water and glasses, some indulgent chocolates, or a personalized welcome note on the bedside table. These small touches will make your guests feel like they've entered their very own boutique hotel.

You now know all the steps to create the ultimate bedroom for your Airbnb guests. From the mattress to the thoughtful extras, each item on our must-have list contributes to a sleep experience that will have your guests returning.

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